Don’t just go with the hype

Digital initiatives need to align with business strategy. Often parts of the organisation start their own digital initiatives that lead to confusion for the client. Funds need to be reallocated cross-departmental. Multi-channel initiatives have to be aligned and ownership needs to be defined looking at every channel on how it is integrated in the customers life-cycle.

Digital Technologies enable organisations to connect with customers in their day to day activities. This can deepen relationships, promote your brand efficiently and improve profits. There is no general recipe to do so that will apply to all organisations and situations. Gartner even predicts that over 80% of multichannel implementations will fail mainly based on the fact that the focus is misplaced on the channel (“lets create an APP”) and that the organisation structure is not ready for these new opportunities. Often even the IT landscape does not allow quick changes and fast data delivery to new digital channels.

Our Digital Transformation assessment will help you to create your strategy and gain insights on how to approach this transformation.

  • Governance and Leadership
  • People and Operations
  • Understanding the connected customer
  • Data and analytics
  • Technology Integration
  • Data literacy